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The Ultimate Mining Vehicle (U.M.V.)


This is the UMV (Ultimate Mining Vehicle). It has a large wheel in the front for catching crystals, loose rocks, and monsters, with the main cockpit off to the right side of it (which is an old Rock Raiders cockpit). There is a walkway with drills and dynamite attached to it going to the cockpit from the kitchen located in the center tower. Underneath this walkway is a small vehicle with a bucket and a small fueling station for this vehicle. On the back of the walkway a jetpack for the mech is attached. The mech is on the other side and it has two arms, one a drill and the other a claw. On the back of the UMV is an arm with a drill on it and below that is a motorcycle and two cargo bays filled with various supplies. In the center of the UMV is the central tower, where the kitchen, laboratory, and communications center are located. The kitchen is the lowest floor, with a few carrots, salt and pepper shakers, a sink, cups, an oven, and a pizza. Directly above the kitchen is the laboratory, accessed with a ladder on the side. In the lab there is a stove for heating chemicals, a small containment section to hold a monster, a few consoles, and a table holding a microscope and a few bottles. Above the lab is the communications center that maintains contact with the surface through a large radar dish. There is also a drone there that has a camera on the back. This set comes with 7 miners, 5 monsters, and 9 crystals (one is not pictured with the monsters because I forgot it was in the microscope in the lab). There are approximately 1200 parts in this vehicle. 

Thanks for supporting this project!

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