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League Of Legends Red Chaos Turret

League of Legends (LoL) is an online computer game. The main goal is to destroy the enemy towers as one of the heroes from the game. Teamwork is also needed to win.

I started playing LoL a few months ago. The game is quite interesting (I liked the TFT Teamfight Tactics mode the most). I'm a big fan of LEGO as well, so I thought "Why not turn this game into LEGO?"

Model has been designed to display it. Statue presents red turret (Chaos turret) that you need to destroy (if you are in blue team) / defend (red team). I used less than 1500 pieces. I think it would look really cool as official set.

My Idea-set includes 3 figures: Melee minion, Siege minion and Caster minion

Minions are creatures that help you (your team color minions) or fight against you (other team color)

Siege minions - (with cannon) they use a range-attack
Melee minions - use axe and shield
Caster minions - ranged magic attack-have staff and scroll

Set also has a stand with the League of Legends logo.

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