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Christmas Sledge With Giftbox

This is a Christmas sledge that comes with a self-opening giftbox.

Every year, Christmas always attracts the world's children who concern about when does the Christmas gifts will arrive, in order to meet the expectations of every child, Santa Elf has greatly transformed Santa sledge, also installs a huge gift box on the sledge, that makes people feel cool and amazed. However , transformation is not enough for this tough task that will be completed in one night, it also needs help from two competent partners , to make sure it does work.

 Finally in the evening, Santa Claus gets on the sleigh, waiting for everything to be ready, and sets off. While the elk are running forward so hardly, the huge gift box is also gradually opening the lid, and just before the sun rises, the huge gift box ejects countless gifts to each household, the moment of the ejection, just like to see the beautiful scenery of fireworks, that is bright and dazzling light, shining on each family, spreading warmth to all corners of the world, this is the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas is usually associated with happiness, innocence and surprises. This is exactly why I like creating crafts about Christmas. I hope and believe that this creation will spread joy to children all over the world and brings them have unprecedented feelings. In order to achieve a great dream, please support my LEGO set project!

Thank you for taking time to watch my video. I hope you enjoy it. Please support me, thank you!

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