Product Idea

Aztec Warriors

These are Aztec warriors, on the one hand we have the eagle warrior, his attire represented courage and strength, his head was covered by an eagle's head like a helmet. The jaguar warrior similarly represents a high class warrior and similarly his head was protected by a jaguar head as a helmet his uniform of skin similar to a jaguar.

They are built on a basic Brickheadz base, to which I gave the most similar shape, although there is no 100% clear image of the original outfit I did my best effort without distorting the original base of these sets that I really like a lot (brickheadz). they are two because I personally like the dress and especially the helmet in the form of eagle and jaguar respectively.

This idea comes from starting to collect some brickheadz, and as I have said I have always liked these warriors, and I think I will try to represent them in this way and well I am satisfied with the result.

I live in CDMX and with this idea I seek to represent more of our culture towards the world