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10-Function LEGO Desk Organizer


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Are you stuck at a desk all day at work, but still want to show off how much you enjoy LEGO bricks?  Are you professional and fun at the same time?  Do you like to stay organized while being creative?  Then this desk organizer is just right for you.  This 10-function desk organizer fits on one standard 32x32 stud baseplate, so it will take up only a 10-inch square on your desk.  The features include:

1) Compartment for tape dispenser

2) Pen holder

3) Paper clip holder

4) Business card holder

5) Cup holder

6) Cell phone stand

7) Post-it note holder

8) Compartment for stapler

9) Drawer for LEGO bricks

10) A 18x18 stud building area to show off your latest creations

Whether you want something to help you enjoy your quiet office some more, or you want a conversation piece for those who come into your office, this desk organizer is perfect for you.

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