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White Peacock with Colorful Tail


The peacock is one of the most beautiful 'big bird' in the world. Usually with iridescent blue and green plumage. But I choose to make this peacock in white body to highlight the colorful tail.

I know it's not exactly the right color of a real world peacock, but I would like to use such a fairy tale-like color matching to let the players can enjoy the creativity and imagination during the assemble process.

No matter the white body or the colorful tail, one can use his or her favorite color to replace it in the future, to create their own color style easily with fun. Not only for adult players, it's also very good for children to create the peacockc with their own color.

Also in this work, I use some special method to assemble the body and especially the tail. So it's a beautiful work not only in color but in architecture design, a work of art. 

Enjoy this special peacock and welcome your support!

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