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The Old Gold Mine

Here is the Old Gold Mine of the far west. With over 2240 pieces in total and two LEGO minifigures including the thief and the old miner, this detailed LEGO set will give you an extraordinary building experience.

This LEGO set is composed of four distinct parts. There is the indication panel, which is the smallest part of this set, there is the gold mine which contains an openable compartment that allows you to go and extract the gold ores inside, or good to hide you from the sheriff. This part also contains an explosive water tower and a stash for the thief's ammunition. The third part contains the house, which we can open the roof to access the interior. The roof of the house has an articulated crane that allows us to lift heavy loads. This is the largest section of this set. Finally, there is the abandoned mine, which is barricaded and contains a lot of cobwebs. This segment also contains the back of the house, with space for the fireplace and wood to feed it.

This LEGO set was made with Bricklinks Studio. I hope you will enjoy my work. :)

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