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Cone Beam CT Medical Equipment

Cone beam computed tomography (also called “CBCT”) is a medical imaging technique consisting of X-ray computed tomography where the X-rays are divergent, forming a cone

CBCT equipments performs a complete rotation around the patient's head (or other anatomic part) for acquiring the radiological images.

Cone beam reconstruction algorithms are similar to typical tomographic reconstruction algorithms but the main advantage are the very lower total radiation doses necessary for 3D CBCT exams respect the conventional CT exams
The main diagnostic applications of this technology are the study of

- dental and maxillofacial unit, teeth, mandible and jaw
- temporomandibular joint (TMJ),
- ear, nose and throat (ENT),
- neck with sections of the cervical rachis
- sections of the spine
- upper and lower limbs
- veterinary applications

In this picture you can find some details about the 2 versions of CBCT scanner:

1) Vertical CBCT scanner (especially used for dental applications) including

- 360 degrees rotating arm
- Chinrest for patient positioning 
- Medical Monitor to view the 3D diagnostic images      
- Touchscreen Console to set the exam parameters

2) Horizontal CBCT scanner (also used for medical and veterinary applications) including
- Patient table with sliding stretcher  
- Medical Monitor to view the 3D diagnostic images  

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