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Small City Scene


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Hello, everyone! This is cheeseinthepie with yet another LEGO Ideas project. It is my 65th post on this gallery.

The Small City Scene is 452 pieces. This project includes a newspaper store, a computer store, two plates to connect the buildings together, two cars, a traffic light road section, and nine minifigures.

There are two reasons for the two plates that connect between the two buildings: 1. to keep the buildings together; 2. to allow the buildings to be rearranged. Point number two applies to the traffic light road section, which can be moved to the sides of the other buildings. Also, the cars' rooftops can be switched.

Inside of the newspaper store is a cash register, a box of newspapers, and a small refrigerator with milk stored inside. Inside the computer store is yet another cash regiester, a stand with a desktop computer, and another stand with two desktop computers.

If you want to download this model and explore the inner workings of it, click right here.

Thank you for viewing this project! If something needs improvement, or needs to be added or taken away, please tell me. Have a good day! By cheesy. 2/8/2018

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