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Chinese Takeout Container & Fortune Cookie


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This set is of a Lo Mein Chinese Takeout Container, as it is commonly found in the United States, paired with a fortune cookie. I built this set because there is nothing in this world that brings us all together quite as well as sharing our food and cultures with one another... and I'm a huge fan of take out. Chinese take out is wildly popular around the world and has become a pop culture icon in its own right.

Although not visible in the images, I did place a little heart tile inside the take-out container because the Lo Mein has been made with love. This set would include a custom sticker for the fortune sticking out of the cookie, but is otherwise made out of existing brick types. You may notice some familiar bricks being utilized as noodles, which - in my opinion - makes this set even more fun.

I believe this would make a great LEGO set for a myriad of reasons - It's unique, it pushes the boundaries of shapes traditionally produced with bricks (phew, working out how to get all those angles right took a while), and it represents a sharing of cultures - which is one of the greatest aspects of LEGO in general.

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