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The Krispy Kreme Modular


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I thought the people of Lego City needed something to sweeten up there day, and so I made this:
The Krispy Kreme Modular!

One of (if not the) most iconic shops in America, Krispy Kreme is the perfect fit for a new set! Its outside has the iconic red, green and white of the donut place and flowers. On the roof, it features an iconic massive pink donut. With a full interior, consisting of the sitting area, register, display, and the conveyer belt, this build would make for an amazing display and constructing time!

This set has 8 new custom-printed pieces (not including minifigures). There is 4 new donuts, starting with the iconic Original Glazed donut, which comes straight from the conveyer. It also has the Chocolate Sprinkle donut and the Plain Chocolate donuts, and the Strawberry Sprinkle donut. In addition to that, it has the same paper hats that can be found in any Krispy Kreme, and green and white coffee tumblers.

Like I said, this set has a Conveyer belt. Anyone who has ever been to a KK knows that all of the donuts are fresh made in store. Now, I don't think it would be safe to put a heater in with a kit full of flammable plastic, and a glazer might cause someone to accidently eat the Lego while trying to get some of that sugary stuff, but that doesn't mean that this conveyer isn't functional (partially, at least). You can put donuts in the chute at the beginning, and spin the gears to recreate the process all the fired dough goes through!

There is also 5 new Minifigures, all with custom pieces. This set comes with a manager, a cashier, and 3 donut makers. The manager and cashier have two shirts with the Krispy Kreme logo, while the donut maker have aprons (some more messy than others).

This set has all the functionality of the buildings in the Lego Modular line, and you can connect it with all of the other sets in that series.

Hope you support!

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