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Countryside Chateau

Ananda Black Personal Use Regular

A chateau is normally a large country residence or even castle of French design. Oftentimes they can be referred to as a manor and were typically owned by a wealthy lord, gentry, or member of nobility.

About this design
Consisting of 2800 pieces, this model utilizes European architectural elements from the 17th and 18th century. It gives the appearance of being built out of stone or a light colored brick with two chimneys to warm the home. On the front, there are many shutters and a grand front entrance. There is also ivy which has been allowed to grow over the front in historical fashion as it can help to keep the building cooler in the summer. A stone patio and pergola in the rear create a cozy spot for having lunch and sitting with family.

The back of the house can open in similar fashion to an old doll house while the roof lifts up to allow access to the interior and attic space. There you will find 6 different rooms to interact with.

The model is 2806 pieces and includes 4 minifigures and many small animals. The figures make up a small family and include:
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Daughter
  • Grandfather
The model is approximately 11in tall, 12in wide, and 10in deep.

Thank you for looking at my model!

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