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Cloudlift 325



This is my second project on this site!

As a former operator on various lifts, I often found my self studying and admiring the efficient but simple design.

I have built å lot of these over the years, and I can say this build is by far my best.

And why do I think this:

- The platform is probably at the lowest possible height with this amount of scissors and this compactness. 

- The actuator is placed just like the real thing to supply the greatest possible power at the lowest height vs. the available height. The available height is just as high as the play in the scissors can tolerate without tilting the platform too much. So this gives a very high usage of the actuator.

- The turning force needed at the hand operated input, is acceptable at the starting position - the lowest height. My 5 year old son can easily operate this one.

- The platform stay at the same horisontal place all the way up. 

At the lowest height: platform 6cm of the ground. 

At the highest height: platform 32,5cm of the ground. 

It can offer a total of 3 functions:

Lift, drive, open the platform door. 

Hope you like it :) 

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