Product Idea |

AmphibianToad BubbleLeapHopper

Vehicle used for both terrain and underwater depth exploring, extremely mobile has legs that fold outwards and extend for hopping, a dome on top for the cockpit main vehicle driver to remain and pilot the ship.

Its Feet and claws are made for shoveling and digging in mud or deep dirty areas, it has a majority of shields and forcefields it generates to protect its parts from enemy damages the vehicle itself propels and generates it's protection using An Atomic Bubble shield Goop.

Is perfect for battle and top front lid opens for the engine to be repaired worked on by the Toads pilot in front.

Bubble Cockpit opens in the very backside revealing a hidden Toad lab and computers center for further programing and deep-sea or land terrain research - facility is highly compact and thick built.

The Toad Vessel Animal Robot - is always ready for battle comes equip with hoses and tube parts for oxygen for the pilot inside when in areas with very low oxygen and air structure chambers for the pilot to breath inside the vessel.

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