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Doctor Who CYBERMAN Ultrabuild


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~~This project features a Cybus Cyberman, a fictional character from Doctor Who universe.

Being made with Ultrabuild system, also known as CCBS, this buildable action figure has great flexibility, posability as well as playability. It is 7,9 inches tall.

The number of pieces is around 60 and they are all existing Lego pieces, considering that the head is created using a Glatorian Head with two Cyberman eyes and a mouth painted on it. The same counts for the Cybus core, which is a round flat tile 2x2 with just the "C" symbol. This means there are NO custom pieces or new parts that I am suggesting to Lego.

This model reproduces all the principal armor traits of Cybus Cybermen. Their bulky, hydraulic, metallic body is synthesized in this strong and powerful Lego counterpart.

This model includes:

1 Custom Painted head.

1 Custom Painted round tile with Cybus Logo.

1 Cyberman's wrist weapon.

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