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The Place to Be : Concept Idea

Hi there, friends ✋
Today I will tell you about my new project, a simple and friendly place where you can spend your afternoon with family or friends. THe PLACE TO BE is first a meeting place and after midday shoppings. Meet the stars from all around the world, participate in exclusive interviews with journalists or just try to sunbathe in the sun with a slice of pizza in your hand. Buy new clothes in the modern shops nearby or listen to trendy music on the plot. THe PLACE TO BE is the ideal place for all lovers of the city who respect each other  

Project Description 😳
* The PLACE TO BE is a colorful ensemble that represents a trendy and friendly city/historic centre 🌈
* Access the highest levels via a stone staircase 
* The set includes a mini plot lit by a floor lamp, an agora with adequate seating, a statue erected in the time of the creation of LEGO City and two accesses to modern clothing stores 👗
* Two business buildings overlooking the clothing store, featuring several trendy items and the latest trends 
* A map of the city and the railway network
* A poster with the latest news, brands and ads 
* Key personalities including: a local, a businessman, a photographer, a well-known journalist, an international star/actress, a DJ, a clothes saleswoman and a young girl enjoying delicious ice cream !😋
* Downtown Flood Rescue Boat 
* A small garden with colorful flowers and a majestic ash tree offering some shade and freshness in summer 🌸

Sir, yes sir !
Wondering why such a project should retain your vote? Don’t ask yourself the question! Whether you are a child or an adult, let yourself be carried by THe PLACE TO BE and its colours. I know that this project isn’t very sought after or complex, but there aren’t doubts it will fit easily in your home and heart! Awaken your child soul or adult kindness and consider THe PLACE TO BE as a fun and original concept!🥳

Thank you for your support and let’s make together THe PLACE TO BE a reality 😻🧚 

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