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Slicer Mech

  • My Seventh Mech, SLICER will become a lego set as soon as pigs fly.

    In recent times Lego has released many mech sets, such as the King's Mech, and the Exosuit. To follow this trend, I created a mech, sleeker and smoother than my other builds. I created a more human form that my COR Fighting Bot used, and gave it a Sword, like the Samurai X. Speaking of Samurai X, I utilized a bunch of pieces from Lego Ninjago sets, which are vehicles with ancient themes. Because of this mech's flexibility and aerodynamic look, it would probably be resembling a Ninja.

    To create a speedy look, I made powerful legs and a thin torso. Flame details on the hands and top give it a hot-rod look. Like a Ninja, SLICER has light armoring and its inner machinery is visible in its upper arms. Floodlights on the arms give it a hot-rod look as well.

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