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4 ft The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Bridge of Eldin 2.0


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Hey!  Listen! 
If you are among the many fans who long to see official Zelda themed LEGO sets become a reality,  then you've clicked on the right project!
This is a 1/2 scale (relative to LEGO minifigures) exact replica of the iconic bridge from one of Link's most treasured adventures:  The Legend of Zelda:  Twilight Princess.  This set features scrupulous detail on a microfigure scale as well as several unique play functions making it a fantastic candidate for The Legend of Zelda's LEGO debut.  Take a look below to learn more!
  • The model uses 3058 bricks and measures approximately 4.1 feet in length!  Because of its size, the 2 base sections can easily separate via Technic bricks from the bridge section for convenience.
  • What would a Zelda LEGO set be without any characters?  Disappointing, that's what!  Since this is a microfigure scale model, I have included a micro Link on his trusty micro steed, Epona.  Any suggestions for more/different figures are welcome!
  • The bridge features a removable center section which rests on a transparent structure that holds the the broken ends at the correct distance.  With this feature, fans can recreate the cutscene in which Zant vaporizes part of the bridge to block Link's path and hides it in the Guerudo desert.
  • Don't worry, chosen heroes!  Just like in the game, Link has not crossed the Bridge of Eldin for the last time!  With the included warp portal, fans can bring back the missing piece in no time!
  • Another of Link's side quests makes an appearance in this LEGO rendition.  The model includes a mini owl statue which he can use to cross the gap on the opposite side of the bridge and claim a large chest!
  • Finally, for some extra pizzazz, each base features an inset Triforce emblem made entirely of LEGO!

With that, my fellow adventurers, I invite you to bravely draw your computer mice, aim your track pads, and join me in a noble quest to immortalize Hyrule in LEGO bricks!

Keep an eye out for future LEGO Zelda projects as there will be more to come!

I welcome all feedback and suggestions so feel free to leave comments to this effect.  THANKS SO MUCH to all supporters!

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