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Mecha Bandicoot


Levels like Cavern Catastrophe, Slip Slide icecapades and Rooftop Rampage are simply enough some of the best levels in one of the best Playstation 2 games, If I can say so. Who doesn't remember Crash Bandicoot rom PS1? That furry marsupial that was created by Evil Dr. Neo Cortex, And it's back in action in Crash Twinsanity, a really cool game that inspired me to create with LDD Crash' brand new, hydraulically operated, twin brother, Mecha Bandicoot!  As said by the doctor!

I tried to make it as close as I could with bricks (especialy with the arms, as the shoulders were quite difficult to recreate ina "blocky" way) The mech is ok by itself, as seen on some pics, and also it has room for a Pilot: Either Ngin (at least it resembles, right?) or Crash Bandicoot...Dr Neo Cortex can also be put there, even thpught it isn't like that in the story. Each of the minifigs have an ite: Neo Cortex has its gun, N-Gin has a rocket and Crash has an app...I mean, a Wumpa fruit. Also, I tried to recreate the masks as I Thought it would be nice to have the full team, and also I made them two display bases.

Playability wise, it's quite complete, as the Mech has articulation on the arms (shpulder,elbow, wrist and fingers), Torso (with a balljoint), Head (even though it's not quite necessary and it's not quite moveable), legs (pelvis,knees and Feet). Also, as i think those kind of things look AWESOME on collectors figures, i made interchangeable hands: a Drill, a Chainsaw, rocketlaunchers (with two rockets) and actual hands for each arm! And last but not least, The masks can be put on the minifigs ...yeah, that (i thought it was a nice feature.) 


  • The mech uses balljoints in all the articulations , except for the shoulder ones. For the legs i know that will be a problem, but i don't know how to fix it yet to still try to make the legs look as the original model. Hopefully i'll fix that as soon as possible.
  • N-Gin minifig is difficult to make without using new pieces, as the "hair" must have a Rocket in the cyborg eye, so i thought the orange hair was ok.
  • Crash Minifig uses a Chima head in orange... but I think with a new print it would be enough for it to look as Crash B.
  • Neo Cortex minifig has that "smiley" face as in the game hes quite ridiculous and funny, so I preffered that than an angry face.
  • The boxes in both Uka Uka and Aku Aku stands are removeable, so they can be used as scenery for a playing purpouse
  • Crash Bandicoot and all it's characters are not owned by me, nor the mech designs.

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