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Adjustable mobile phone stand

I designed this functional and sturdy mobile phone stand for filming and photography purposes. The mounting bracket and its arm are very strong and articulate, but the large size of the entire assembly does not make it very travel-friendly. This model is composed of 99 parts, and I estimate it to retail between US$10 to US$20.

Video demonstration:
Digital Designer file:

NOTE: The 24-tooth gears could not be set into their correct positions in the digital model due to dimensional errors in LEGO Digital Designer. The physical model affords sufficient clearance for both of the 24-tooth gears to rotate without obstruction.

Worm gear mechanisms control height and pitch adjustment with great precision and security. The mounting bracket can be extended or contracted with different lengths of Technic axles to accommodate mobile phones of various sizes. The attachment position of the mounting bracket can be inverted to achieve greater forwards or backwards tilt. The arm can be replaced with different lengths of Technic beams to achieve any desired length. To preserve stability, I do not recommend using beams longer than 11 studs without enlarging the base.

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