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The Fire Station


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This magnificent fire station is to be visited. It includes several details drawn from real life like vehicles. Complete with 3 floors and a roof it is the ultimate fire station. It comes with 5 trucks, 2 motorcycles and a firefighter helicopter. All the equipment that is lying on the side of the large scale truck is able to adapt to all situations. The fire station is equipped with a rescue vehicle for asphyxiated and wounded, a road rescue vehicle, a ton pump truck for first aid, a large scale truck, a small van for the fire Chief, 2 motorcycles and a helicopter. As for the barracks it is equipped on the ground floor of 5 garages including 4 on the front of the barracks and 1 on the right side, of a space reserved for the firefighter with a waiting room and a counter. On the next floor we will find in whatever way the command post of the barracks with the office of the chief and 4 fire stations receiving the telephone calls then on the top floor there is the life corner of the firefighters where there is a kitchen to arrange with a TA Of the cupboards for the firefighters ' outfits and 2 bunk beds.

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