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2 X 4 Brick Plastic Model Kit

A plastic model is a plastic scale model, that need to be assembled by hobbyists. Most plastic models are intended as display models.

Normally, many people try to avoid collecting plastic model kits as they required assembly, touch up and polish in order to be presentable. Many people thinks that it is a tedious process and tends to lose interest in collecting model kits even though impressed by how good looking they are.

In actual fact, building plastic model kits with simple polishing, with minimum to no skill at all can make a model kit presentable. With simple tools like nippers, hobby knife, and paint sprayer for those required painting or altering the color of the factory set color, one can build a model kit like a pro.


This project I'm submitting is to educate about the simple steps to build a plastic model kit. The set include all the parts and tools required to build a model kit beautifully:
1) the model kits itself that attached to the runner,
2) the nippers,
3) cutting mat,
4) hobby knife,
5) paint sprayer with two types of nozzles,
6) air compressor,
7) paint sprayer rack,
8) clips for spraying and drying,
9) clips stand,
10) runner rack,
11) paints (red, yellow, blue) and thinner,
12) paint rack,
13) cement

In this case, the model kit is a beautiful scaled model of a 2 x 4 Lego Brick!

The main steps to building a model kit are as follows:
1) cut the parts down from the runner using a pair of nippers, and trim the excess runners attached to the parts using a hobby knife;
2) then spray the parts using a paint sprayer to a color that you like (unless you like the color that came with it! then just go for it ;) );
3) let the paint dry;
4) then you can assemble your model kit! Some model kits require cement, and some don't.

Hope this is able to give a better idea of how simple and fun model kits can be, and able to make more people realize how good they are in building model kits.

And thank you for clicking in and supporting my project!

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