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Mini Game Series

What are these?
These are all mini games to have fun with and enjoy! The first part is a foosball table with functional handles and goals along with a scoring system, with Team Red vs Team Blue! Next is the blue ping pong table featuring 2 paddles and a yellow ball to enjoy! Lastly is the mini pool table, with multiple colored balls and their holes with pool sticks to also play and enjoy! The foosball table is compiled of about 300 pieces, the ping pong table about 150 pieces, and the pool table about 250 pieces, making this game series set about 700 pieces big!
Why did I build these?
I built these because I thought it would be fun to play with and display such unique games of our culture! These party games are colorful and I thought they looked pretty cool throughout the house, especially in the game room! I also wanted a functioning foosball table so I built that to play with others, then added on a cute pool table and ping pong table!
Why would this make for a cool LEGO set?
This would be a cool LEGO set because of the playability features and the fun display! Games are all part of our lives and I thought LEGO could use a cool games set sort of like the Maze from a few years ago! Also fun to enjoy with family and friends while building!

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