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Gone Fishing!


It's a great day to go fishing in Lego City! Danny and Megan have chartered Brick by Brick for a deep-sea fishing excursion ... watch out though, they may end up needing a bigger boat! Captain Fairweather is piloting the ship from the flybridge, but she can take the ladder down to the enclosed bridge if the weather isn't so fair. Danny can fish from one of the fighting chairs at the stern and put his catch in the cooler. If fishing from the fighting chair gets tiring, Fairweather can extend the outriggers and drop trolling lines in the water. Brick by Brick is powered by two motors and the hull has anti roll stabilizers on either side to help keep the ride nice and smooth. For lunch the guests and crew can use the kitchen or go below deck to catch a few zzzs in the berth and use the toilet. On the way back to the harbor the ship runs into some engine trouble, but Fixy the mechanic pops open the deck hatch to take a look and get things working again. The group makes it back to Lego City after a fun day of fishing, just in time to grab some dinner and prepare for tomorrow's adventure!

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