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Franz Marc Drawings โ€“ 3-In-1

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an artist yourself? - With this project you can draw whatever you imagine. Roughly 200 white bricks and plates, some clips and a hand full of black Minifig utensils, weapons and claws are the base for endless possibilities.

I chose to recreate motives from paintings of one of my favorite artists, Franz Marc:
Red Horses (Weidende Pferde - Die roten Pferde)
Blue Horse (Blaues Pferd I)
Red Deers (Rote Rehe II)

10 000 supporters can make this project a real LEGO set, so click the support button if you want to become an artist yourself or you are an art lover and want to see beautiful LEGO recreations of Franz Marc paintings on your shelf. 

I am looking forward to your thoughts and suggestions for this project in the comments.

This project is dedicated to my art class buddy Sonja and Grantmasters for his inspirational builds.
Thanks for supporting this project.

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