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Clay's Nexo Knight Mech


About This Project

This project is a mech for Clay from the Nexo Knights. The mech is heavily armored but is still agile and fast moving for it's size. Clay pilots the mech from inside the chest which opens/closes for easy access inside. In the center of the chest is a window so Clay can see what is going on. Clay's sword and shield are stored on the back of the mech. The mech has three accessories for battle. A sword, a shield, and a mace. The mech has great articulation and is very pose able.

Play Features:

  • The mech is very pose able.
  • Waist can spin 360 degrees.
  • Hands can hold weapons or minifigures.
  • Holds one minifigure in it's chest.
  • Great articulation.


  • Clay minifigure with sword and shield.
  • Three weapon accessories for the mech. A sword, a shield, and a mace.

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