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Thundercats Architecture Layout

My first Architecture MOC. Based on a Cartoon I loved in my Childhood "ThunderCats". Three important buildings from this series. Mun-ra Black Pyramid, Thundercats Cats Lair, and the Tower of Omens.I made a real scale buildings from the cartoon reference from 1980-1990's.  I add some micro figures based in pixel colors. 

Two Mun-ra's in the Pyramid, The original character lineup in front of the Cat's Lair with little Snarf. And the addition in season 2 from 3 new characters. Also you will found a micro scale from the Cat Tank near the Tower of Omens. 

I try to keep every single detail in the three buildings and make it affordable from the cost of al parts from lego. 

This ideal will contain the Thundercats Logo Signal as a sticker. 

Hope you enjoy it

Thunder - Thunder - Thundercats OHHHHHH!

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