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Year 2084.

Planet Earth has been devastated by a terrible virus that became the 80% of population into mutants. "No infected people" fight to survive at this plague locking themselves into walled cities with the hope of going on...

Fortunately, there are still people willing to find a cure, studying mutants outside of the safety of the cities.  People like Lana and Marcus. These two brave and brilliant brothers will cross wide desertical lands in order to find a cure for the virus that took away their parents and long time ago...  

With the only help of their motorbike "Alacrán",  a scientist  robot, whose mission is to gather organic information from mutants, and an expert in strategics robo-guard; these young heroes will try to make a difference in a devastated future. Because they have never lost hope that good times will be back.  

They're called: THE LONE RIDERS   

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