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iCarly: Spencer's Apartment


iCarly is back in this brand new Lego set from Lego Ideas!

iCarly stars Miranda Cosgrove as Carly Shay, a typical teenager living in Seattle with her older brother Spencer. Carly, her best friend Sam, and tech-savvy neighbor Freddie create a web show named iCarly in the third floor of Carly's apartment, and the trio quickly become an internet sensation! This hit Nickelodeon television show remained on the air for 7 seasons and was nominated 5 times for an Emmy for Outstanding Children's Program, with nearly 10 million viewers at the height of its popularity.

Now you can recreate the hilarious adventures of Carly and her wacky friends with the iCarly Lego set. This set features a modular, multi-level design that can be stacked to form a three-floor apartment, complete with an elevator and sliding elevator doors, or separated floor-by-floor for easy access and play.

Lego iCarly includes 5 characters from the hit Nickelodeon show:

  • Carly
  • Spencer
  • Sam
  • Freddie
  • Gibby

Lego iCarly also includes Spencer's robot invention Battle Bot, six baby chicks, and Harmoo the cat. Other highlights of Lego iCarly include:

  • Spencer's living room, filled with his eclectic collection of junk and treasure, including telephones, lunch boxes, and clocks, plus the Pak-Rat arcade game.
  • Carly's bedroom, with a raised bed platform, chair rail, wide-screen television, and ice cream sandwich ottoman.
  • The iCarly studio, including a stained glass window, gumball machine, traffic light, Freddie's electronics cart, and the half-car car seat.

iCarly Lego allows you to re-live all your favorite moments from this hit television show, such as:

  • iHatch Chicks, where Carly and Sam lose 6 baby chicks inside the apartment.
  • iStage An Intervention, where Spencer becomes addicted to the Pak-Rat arcade game.
  • iMove Out, where Spencer saves his nemesis Harmoo the cat from a window ledge outside the building.

Revisit your favorite guilty pleasure with Lego iCarly from Lego Ideas. Thank you for your support!


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