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This set is for the many faithful fans of the popular 90's show Rugrats. The show centers around five mischievous babies and their many humorous exploits. This 276 piece set includes 13 minifigures which include: Tommy with his "Studriver", Chuckie with his teddy bear Wawa, Phil with a linty lollipop, Lil with a mud pie, Kimi with her doll Super Thing, Angelica holding her doll Cynthia and a stolen cookie, Susie with her karaoke machine, and Tommy and Angelica parents and Grandpa with assorted accessories. Spike and Fifi are also present along with their puppies. This set also includes a sandbox, Reptar Wagon and a play pen with other toys in it.

I made this set because I love this show and I think other people still remember it and watch its reruns. Lego could even expand this set into an entire series which could include the other babies' parents, homes and even iconic scenes from its episodes and movies. I hope everyone enjoys this and if you like the show please vote, Lego could make this set spectacular!

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