Product Idea

Stormtrooper the Puppet

As a super big fan of Star Wars, Stormtrooper is someone nobody can forget. 

I want to create a version of Stormtrooper that everyone does not require a lot of space to store this piece of toy as part of their collection. 

Let me share my thought about this piece of work, when I decide to build a Stormtrooper. I always concern do I have to get it so large in order to keep the smoothness and curves that the Stormtrooper has? Luckily, it does not has to be super large to get the head done which fit my purpose and idea so that I can continue to work on. 

As you can see this is a cute version of Stormtrooper, holding a laser blaster to shot and a cool looking post. While you may ask, why I call it a puppet? Well,there is a cockpit for a mini figure Stormtrooper to sit in. 

I hope you all enjoy it and give me support if you also want this piece of work as one of your home collection.