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Traditional Chinese Private Garden


As a researcher of building bricks and Chinese garden, I’m very happy to bring this set. Different from royal gardens, private gardens are mostly designed by scholars and artists, indicating the traditional Chinese aesthetics: small and plain, but full of ingenuity.
The layout is based on ๆฎฟๆ˜ฅ็ฐƒ, a historic architecture in Suzhou. It is also the prototype of Astor Court (ๆ˜Ž่ฝฉ) in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is the first Chinese garden exported to other countries. Meanwhile, details are modified to better present traditional ways of designing gardens. For example:
A table for drinking under the flower tree.
A rockery composed of lake stones.
A lotus pool with golden fishes.
A pavilion with a frame wall, which creates a framed living scene between walls.
A minifigure playing Guqin (traditional Chinese musical instrument).
A wooden screen illustrated with Chinese ink landscape.
A pair of white marble decorations, with the shape implying “round sky and square earth” (an ancient understanding of the shape of the world).
A traditional back door and path.
Besides, a front wall is replaced by fences to provide a better viewpoint for this set. 

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