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Alf: The Tanner Residence

ALF, which stands for Alien Life Form, is a popular 80s sitcom that revolves around an alien who crashes on Earth and is taken in by the Tanner family. Alf often comments on human life and gets into lots of mischief. Whether he's trying to eat the cat or finding a way back to his home planet Melmec, this show will have you rolling in laughter. The series has become an iconic hit that has captured the hearts of many and is still funny today. It beautifully represents the 80s with its style, hairdos, trends, and clothing, showcasing how amazing alien life would have been back then.

The set is a mock-up of the Tanner family's house, complete with a living room, book nook, and kitchen. You can relive many memorable moments from the show with all the iconic characters, including Lynn, Willie, Kate, and Brian Tanner, as well as Alf and their cat Lucky. The entire build consists of 894 parts and is around 34 bricks long. This is the perfect Alf set for anyone nostalgic to the show.

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