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Miniature Mountain and Forest Scene

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Hey Guys! I'm back FINALLY... I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while :(

Here is a small forest scene that I just built. I built this scene because I live near a forest right now, and I was seeking inspiration for my next build. This model is a small forest scene on some mountains with a waterfall, pretty much a dream vacation. So, I finally got around using my LEGO software again, and I fiddled around a bit, then started making this. This project includes:

- A bunny
- 6 Trees (Custom-Made)
- 356 Pieces
- A calm waterfall
- Pebbles and grass
- A plant.
- Smooth, textured rocks 
- A rock on the mountain

I hope you guys enjoy this, and please consider taking a click at that nice fat support button ;). Also, make sure to check out my other epic projects! Some include a nice small pool stand, a 80s style living room and much more. Make sure to enjoy :P . Thanks guys, and we'll see you again, hopefully soon...

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