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Tweetsie Railroad


Display, or play! It's your choice!

Howdy folks! To begin with, thank you to everyone who has supported the project thus far! I appreciate your continued support, and thanks to it, we're slowly but surely approaching the first milestone of 1K. Anyway, onto more important matters: the update.

I've been thinking about some things. Things that I feel like could potentially boost the possibility of this becoming an actual LEGO set. I thought back to the recent Crocodile locomotive (set no. 10277), and thought of an ingenious idea: what if this set functioned as both a train set, and a display piece? So, I threw together a simple display stand and plaque to display the locomotive on!
You might also notice a few minor cosmetic differences to the engine. In particular, the sandbox and steam dome. I decided to not make the brass bands around them bricks, but instead go for printed pieces. (This also allowed me to add the number on the sandbox as well!) Overall, I feel like the little changes have lead to an overall visual upgrade, and I couldn't be happier!

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