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The Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign is an American landmark and cultural icon overlooking Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Originally the Hollywoodland Sign, it is situated on Mount Lee, above Beachwood Canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains. Spelling out the word "HOLLYWOODLAND" in 50-foot-tall (15.2 m) white uppercase letters and 450 feet (137.2 m) long, it was originally erected in 1923 as a temporary advertisement for a local real estate development. Due to increasing recognition the sign was left up, with the last four letters "LAND" removed in 1949. The Sign was entirely replaced in 1978 with a more durable all-steel 45-foot-tall (13.7 m) structure and concrete footings.

This product include 2869 pcs. Each piece has been meticulously placed to bring this vibrant scene to life, making it a true celebration of cinema and creativity. This product measures 77 cm in length, 28 cm in width, and 52 cm in height.

Please, please share with your friends and family to make this a real LEGO set. Feel free to share ideas and constructive criticism in the comments above. And hope you like my other projects!

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