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LEGO Park (LEGO Rescue Robot at the Park)

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The LEGO Rescue Robot has appeared at the LEGO Park (attached on a flat panel TV)!

Have you ever watched the anime movie “Castle in the Sky - Laputa” created by Hayao Miyazaki? This time, the LEGO Rescue Robot (box# 5764) has joined the LEGO people at the LEGO Park, being inspired by the anime. This Robot is naturally a friend of LEGO people and is their guardian at the Park. The LEGO Rescue Robot is mighty strong, but also has a gentle heart. Maybe your Bionicle team robots could provide a great appearance at the LEGO Park, too. The little people would love to see them, and play with them!!

If you like the idea of this LEGO Park project, click the Support button, and spread the word. For the original LEGO Park arrangement, see my first upload, which shows the LEGO Park base. Please click the Support button for this, too. The creative environment of the LEGO Park is unlimited, and your imagination is all you need!!

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