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Polish bus: Autosan H9-21 in scale 1:25

Autosan H9-21 is the intercity bus was produced in the factory buses Autosan in Sanok, in Poland. Bus production began in 1980. This bus is 10 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. These buses drove the PKS (Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacji Samochodowej) and KSK (Krajowa Spółdzielnia Komunikacyjna). Autosan H9-21 is very popular in Poland. Is driven by an upgraded turbo engine Andoria 6CT107/A3 (later 6CT107/A6/7) of a cylinder capacity 6540 cc and a maximum power of 110 kW (150 hp).

My bus built in 1:25 scale. Autosan H9-21 has opened the door and the front steering axle. It was made in a computer program. Bus was built in 1369 parts. Bus has a painting in which drove the company KSK Poznan.

In the interior of bus has 39 seats. In the bus there are red and black seats. In the front of the bus driver's cabin. Passengers have to get on the bus first door, because they have to buy tickets or to find the driver a ticket. In my bus is 17 passengers weary, returning home after work. Although they are tired, but they are happy that they were going Autosan H9-21.

This is the back of the bus. On both sides of the bus are in turn signals. Above the rear bumper is a square license plate. If you want to see this bus come to a Poland or go to the website

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