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Train Control Tower to Manage Two Tracks.


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UPDATE June 30:
I have updated real pics from the actual build to show more details. I finally received my 1x2x5 door brick. You can also see the operational room in all details, including the control tower manager.

Next, the tower is shown with a modern train (Set 4564) and the famous Emerald Night (Set 10194) so you can see how well it fits for both scenarios.

This Train Tower has full interior, a working staircase and a bathroom. Anything you need to pay attention to train traffic and keep the tracks safe!

The build of the tower is modular, so you have ultimate accessibility and can place minifigures to your liking! It also used four pieces of track, here the famous 9 volt system as I find this the best performing one. Of course, these tracks can be altered to fit your train layout.

I kept the tower neutral, so it can be used in old and modern train layouts.

The train tower has a total of 457 pieces, is 22 studs high, 16 studs wide and 16 suds deep.


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