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LEGO Space Museum


Dear ladies and gentleman, I proudly present the Lego Space Museum (This is the V2 of my original Lego Modular Space Museum). That original submission got to 860 supports, thanks to everyone who supported, so I decided to take all the great suggestions and feedback I received and come stronger for V2. This is an homage to the Classic Space sets I grew up on, with a modern building and a whole lot of ABS Glass. Like my first build this model is fully accessible via hinged doors which securely clip shut. No need to take floors apart and dissect the build to enjoy it.


32x48 Dots- 32x32 baseplate + 16x32 baseplate.

~2000 Pieces.

11 Minifigures- 4 in displays, 1 in the Fountain feature, and 6 for play (2 employees and 4 museum visitors). Also includes a dog. 

The Lego Space Museum has many fun features:

-Space Shuttle entrance.

-2-story Astronaut waterfall complete with lily pads.

-Rocket spanning from the floor thru the roof, with a see-through chamber with computers and gas/propellant.

-Glass upon glass- and then more glass!

-Large globe (Earth) atop museum with “floating” rocket 

-Second floor terrace with fountain and planters. 

-Planters with flowers and rich greenery.

-Hinged walls which attach via clips- full access to the model without removing floors!

-Check in with computer/register.

-Classic Space Missile Station- including my favorite printed space tile of all time. 

-Beautiful staircase made of imported Italian marble. A generous gift from one of the museums many benefactors.

-Moon rock specimen with Lego and USA flags.

-Detailed sidewalk with ground level planters, water feature, newspaper stands, street lights, and a traffic light.

-And so much more...

***A beautiful addition to any LEGO City, fully compatible with Lego Modular Buildings, connecting via Technic pins.


Thank you for taking the time to visit this project. Please share with your friends and on social media if it’s something you would like to see made. If you have a spare second or two,  please stop by and check out my other active Idea Project the Minifigure Display Cabinet). I appreciate you. 

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