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Jewelry Store and Hideout


Packed with details inside and out, this jewelry store is a true gem of a building! Tons of features like removable walls and even an exploding wall make this not only great for display, but play as well! It can be incorporated into a modular layout, but makes an impressive centerpiece alone.

The jewelry store features an apartment upstairs, with a fully stocked kitchen and opening refrigerator plus a ceiling fan over the island. The kitchen wall slides out for easy access to the worn down building next door. A ladder is now the only way to reach the floor as the stairs and a large portion of the floor have collapsed. The only furniture in the room is a small table with a blueprint of the building and a whiteboard with a few strange drawings.

The third and highest floor on the jewelry store houses the bedroom and small bathroom to the apartment. The bathroom may be small, but is nothing short of stylish with the decorative tile in the shower and tinted windows. The wall folds out for easy access to the confined space. The bedroom comes with, well, a bed… A nightstand with a lamp also furnish the room and a cozy reading corner with a bookshelf and recliner add some charm. Sliding glass doors lead to a balcony in the back of the building. The roof to the bedroom folds open in two sections; the front folds out for a little peek and the top allows access to the the entire room.

With your support, this jewelry store could become a part of your city or collection!

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