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Killer Queen


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Hey LEGO Fans!

I don't know about you, but I'm always in for a good Queen song. They have so many classics and their music is so timeless. I wanted to share that with the world, and so I created this. The Killer Queen stage from the BBC's Top of the Pops 1974 video. 

First we've got Freddie, his 70s long, black and his brown furcoat. The silver on his right arm is supposed to represent the jewlery that he wears in the video. He also has his famous microphone prop.

Next, we have John Deacon in his white suit and his brown 70s hair (which is the same as Freddie's and Roger's). He has a brown bass guitar. 

Next, we have Brian May, in his Killer Queen outfit, and his red guitar and curly black hair. He has a microphone nearby to sing into.

Lastly, we have Roger in the back with his large drumset, and his blue denim jacket. He also has a guitar nearby to sing into. The drum includes one snare, three toms, a bass drum, three crashes and a hi-hat. 

The stage is my best attempt the replicate the stage from the original BBC video. There are blue lights on the side and multi-colored lights above the stage. The studs in the ground are for positioning the minifigures so th at they do not tip over.

My dream is for this to become a real Lego set. Please help this reach 10,000 supporters by sending it to your friends, family, and posting it on social media! Thank you so much!