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Alex Turner - Arctic Monkeys

This BrickHeadz Lego set represents Alex Turner, lead singer and guitarist of the English rock band Arctic Monkeys. With 7 studio albums from 2006 to 2022 and 42 awards, they’re the 57th most listened band in the whole world. 
There are several reasons why I personally think this would make a fantastic Lego set. First and foremost, with almost 45 million of monthly listeners just on Spotify, I truly believe there would be a great number of potential buyers for such a product among all of the fans, both of Lego and of the band itself.
Secondly, Lego BrickHeadz fans are constantly seeking for iconic subjects to add to their personal collection, and that’s also why I built it in the first place. 
In fact, I am myself a Brickheadz addict and also an Arctic Monkeys fanatic, and if it was me who saw a Lego set like this on the shelf in a shop, I would buy it INSTANTLY!
Last but not least, BrickHeadz are a type of Lego set not only appreciated by kids and teenagers, but also by the grown-ups, who sometimes like to feel like children once again while playing with bricks. 

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