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Modern Modular Biophilic Designed Apartment

I wanted to make an apartment that used the same ideas, that LEGO itself was built around. So I made a construction that could easily be replicated into a arrangeable system where you yourself could connect it however you would like.
The design I wanted had to be sleek, modern and biophilic as I wanted to create an apartment that I would enjoy living in. I was also quite heavily inspired by a specific location in my country called Nyhavn, Which are a handful of colorful apartments in the center of the Capital. The colors are supposed to create distinction within the design and please the eyes with something Interesting.
In the arangement that i made for the pictures the design stands at 33,88 cm tall, 27,68 cm wide and 42,64 cm long. In total 2953 pieces were used to make it, and this piece count contains 6 minifigure residents, a cat and a dog.
Here is a list of the components used.
  • Entrance stairs
  • Outdoor staircase bottom section
  • Outdoor staircase middle section
  • Outdoor staircase top section
  • Lush roof 1
  • Lush roof 2
  • Solar cells
  • Airvents
  • Speakers
  • Red house (small)
  • Orange house (small)
  • Blue house (average)
  • Green house (large)

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