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Terraforming Bee Spaceship Mech


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Imagine a future where humans terraform Mars. How would we grow the plant life there? What would bee the solution? The TERRA-FB 1 spaceship mech!

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  • This set includes 267 pieces.
  • Spaceship mech features posable antennae, legs and wings.
  • Cockpit opens and has a computer screen and pilot seat.
  • Each side of the spaceship mech has a water spout and a connectable water element. 
  • Open the hidden compartment in the back to reveal the 4 seed cannons!
  • Use the water pieces on the surface of Mars and make the plant sprout.

While the bees bring new life over great distances on Earth, the TERRA-FB 1 will bring new life to other worlds.

Watch an animation of the TERRA-FB 1 in action here:

I have built this model in real life to test it's stability and playability.

I originally created this project for the contest "LEGO Moments in Space". I am submitting it here because of the positive feedback it received from the LEGO community. When I came up with this Idea, I thought a bee spaceship would be cute and cool looking. The concept of terraforming Mars was incorporated due to how involved bees are in the pollination of plant life on Earth.

I believe this would make a great LEGO set because of it's unique design, playability, affordability and educational subject matter. This set would be in the price range of $20 to $30 USD because of the low part count and the fact that it's not based on an existing intellectual property.

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