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Modern Amphitheatre


The magic of the theater is beyond the stage, the scenery, and the scenic incarnation of the actors in their characters. The essence of theater is beyond the text and artwork of theatrical literature, the magic of theater is in the songs, musicals, choirs, 3D projections, dreams, nostalgia and novelties that the theater presents to us. .

With this Lego Idea set, you have a Modern Amphitheater. Outside there is the patio, and the parking lot, the theater's free area, and outside there is also the entrance to the main building, the amphitheater; with the stairs and the access ramp (accessibility) to the theater. Then, on a high level, there is the theater lobby.

There are also the seats, the audience, and the place where the audience can sit comfortably (seating capacity: sitting capacity is forty-three sitting minifigures and the staterooms seating sitting minifigures. In all, seating capacity 50 minifigures).

Finally, there is the backstage, the back door of the theater, and the stage. Where in this set of Lego Idea, there are so still three scenarios, which fit the stage gap in the main building. All three scenarios have the same stage size (with an equal number of plates, of course) but differ in each scene / stage model elements.

In addition to all this, this model also has 11 minifigures included; and the roof is an immense combination of plateaus (made up of various sizes of white plates), and the model can be used without the roof, too. Originally, it would be a transparent roof, but in view of the immense amount of plates used to make the roof, it was opted to use white, which is the color of LEGO ® blocks than who else size options.

Moreover, the building has hinge elements that open the theater walls for easy viewing; or this it even to make a metaphor with an emergency exit, for example. Thus, the model has three entirely closed sides; and an open side (with a closed side still having the hinges open and close), and the roof is optional, with the option of the model being able to be used with the roof or not.

This model of Lego Idea is versatile and classic at the same time, while the modernity traits of the theater are due to its modern architecture and its minimalist construction traces (with noir, periphery, or ghetto circuit circumscriptions), despite It is still a huge building, wedged in two 32x32 brick plates.

Moreover, this is the magic behind the idea of the Modern Amphitheater: the mix of classic, timeless elements, an audience and a stage that can hold a scene from Shakespeare, for example, as well as a hip-hop show, sounds Alternatives or an experimental electronic music performance, which also match the more real, up-to-date part of this LEGO Idea Project.

This set ideia contains:

785 pieces (with 2 plates 32x32; 16 plates 6x24; 8 plates 4x12 and many more);
11 minifigures;
3 scenarios (backdrops), stage models;
Accessibility, scenic elements, many armchairs, modular roof opening and closing elements (the model can be used in an open roof mode);
The roofs (in huge plates combinations shape), and others things.

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