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Chateau Briand


Full of fun, food, history and all things French, Chateau Briand is a bright, brick-built experience for all to enjoy!

Chateau Briand would make a great Lego set because it is a beautifully-detailed, refurbished, 15th century French chateau full of hours of fun, with a restaurant, traditional French bakery/patisserie, flower stall and apartment. There is plenty of room for minifigures to move around and eight minifigures are included to bring the model to life. The chateau will fit into any medieval or modern scene and allows both people and minifigures to explore the past. Chateau Briand is interesting, playable and a great display piece.


Chateau Briand includes:



Main gate

Blue banners and flags




Battlements and upper walkway

Chimney stack


Stained glass windows



Stone well with water detail

Blue chairs and metal tables

Wooden stairs to lower walkway

Flower stall with light green and white awning, red, yellow, orange and pink flowers and cash register


Restaurant Kitchen:

Opening swinging doors

Cupboards with drawers and bench


T-bone steak and bone

Carrot, chopped-up carrot, carrot stalk and knife

Wooden chopping board

Sink with tap and plumbing detail

Bottles and wine glasses

Oven with stovetop, pan and on and off buttons

Rubbish bin



Shop window display with croissant, chocolate eclair and chocolate and strawberry petit gateau (little cakes)

Wooden door

Shop window display with baguette (other side of bakery)

Counter with cream pie and cash register

Small table with chocolate and pastry pieces (pain au chocolat being made)

Wooden paddle (For putting bakery items in oven)

Large traditional wood-fired oven with fire and wooden plate with uncooked croissant details

Small table with red, green, yellow and orange macaroons and chocolate and strawberry petit gateau



Bed with red sheets

Small table with cup and macaroon

Fireplace with bottle and coal details

Wall recess

Wooden door, medieval-style windows, steps and wooden railing details


Includes 8 minifigures (left to right)


Florist with watering can



Elderly baker

Male historical reenactor with medieval knight`s helmet, armour, sword and shield (can be swapped for regular hair piece)

Female historical reenactor with medieval dress and hair style




Includes 1163 pieces (chateau only: 1124 pieces)


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