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A Living Tree

So, what are you doing?
                    - A Lego tree that actually grows
What? That is crazy.
                    - Is it?

In my first attempt to do a Lego set that requires a more extended interaction, I developed this, powered by an engine and lifting platform that can imitate an actual natural growing tree.

To keep it growing it is necessary to build the next module, and next, and so on. The module below pushes the one on top and bum! it is growing.

The plant pot can be opened to easily access the inside structure and make or add any changes. There would be a couple of steps to follow every time that the current module has grown until its final stage. The plant pot is opened, the module is fixed in the top position, the platform is reset, the next module is put in position, the module on top and down is joined, and the top module is unfixed and done. The plant pot is closed and the growing starts all over again.

The branch modules are designed in a way that when the branches are growing they find "obstacles" and start going sideways, like actual branches, it opens up by itself.

Making something that seems simple, like growing nature, but this time as a Lego, would be an amazing thing to see, imagine seeing every day how the tree is growing up, wouldn´t that be a sight? 

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