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Gothic Villa

Gothic Villa

When one afternoon during a trip I strolled through a historic town in Bavaria, my eyes were drawn to an old villa, reminiscent of the Gothic style. It sat perched on a ledge, half-concealed amid bushes and trees, hemmed in by modern white blocks. A relict of a past time. Inspired by this house, this MOC came to life.

Elements such as the square corner tower and the octagonal bay window, along with a touch of timber framing, are directly borrowed from the real-life counterpart. Since a modern interior would not suit the architecture, I transported the house a century into the past: The Roaring Twenties.
The building is slightly elevated at an angle to create a more realistic impression and as the building looks suitable for seasons like autumn and spring, I've created several corresponding variations.
These include pumkins, brown leaves or blossoms and a bit differnet colors (roof, car).

The model comes with 3 minifigures: an elderly man, the homeowner, and a couple dressed in 1920s style walking on the sidewalk.
Additionally, there is a vintage car parked in front of the house, and I'm particularly proud of its design.

Parts: \sim 1670
Size: 32cm Width x 20cm Lenght x 35cm Height

Support and hopefully we´ ll see this as a set on the shelves one day!

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