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Map of Mythical Earth


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This map is of our home planet, Earth - but not the one we know and love...This LEGO creation depicts our land from long, long ago, where pirates sailed the seas, goblins plundered the land, kings ruled from castles and dragons flew through the sky! 

There are many little features and details that have been included in this map, these are all optional for the player as their game around the map evolves and changes. These features include: 
A shipwreck skewered on some sharp rocks
A volcano on an island in the bay
Two castled cities with micro villages built beside them (these landmarks are also removable) 
An island castle seperate from the rest of the map, as it is a prison
A mountainous range with a waterfall flowing down its rocky surface.
A forest

I do hope you like my map, as I worked really hard to bring it to life. I also believe it would be a great addition to enhance the LEGO experience kids have while playing with their sets.

Cactus 7 OUT ✌️

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